Traffickers at the El Chapo trial CNN Heroes

Narcos Cnn Heroes

BiasCNN Again with fakenews

It is astonishing how far can CNN go. Now the #traffickers of the #elchapo trial are the new #CNNheroes , as per @MariaSantanaCNN. (opinion)

#CNN reports that the must of the drugs that come to the USA do not come trough the border as per some former Cartel members during the el Chapo Trial. Lets listen to the former Cartel members that for sure love #trump and the #TrumpWall and forget what the #DEA and the #borderPatrol says about that. CNN will use any fake news, even when coming from Drug Cartel members to diminish and attack the US President. This is getting very serious as the democratic party that owns/manage CNN(Opinion) is getting leftist supporters every day. Next step is to listen to #maduro or #RaulCastro #NarcoSates lords to se if they like the Wall or not. This is BiasCNN.

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