Childish confrontation Pelosi Vs Trump

Trunp Vs Pelosi

Trump Ve Pelosi

#CNN have called childish #Pelosi and #Trump again with a twist of #biasNews and #fakenews

The whole point of the report is to present the issue as this is a kid crying for a “Lego wall” and his mom Pelosi saying we cant afford a “Lego” now.

The true is that this is not a #Legowall and very far form a joke, there is actually a problem and the proposal of the wall is a solution as many other solutions the democrats have proposed, However, the article of CNN do not mention the actual problem, neither the solution, they focus on words like “Childish” phrases like “eye for an eye”, “wining the shutdown”, etc…

CNN continue to try to diminish the US president even is it means downplaying real issues like the border crisis and government shutdown. The media have a responsibility , CNN have changed that word for AGENDA. CNN is certain that what they are doing is right, promote communism as communism i the “fairest” social system on earth ? and to do this they need to downgrade the biggest and must successfully capitalism in the history of the world , the USA.

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