CNN says Donald Trump said more then 6000 lies

CNN Washington Post Lies


#CNN and @CillizzaCNN on their latest attack to the #whitehouse and @realDonaldTrump decided to call the President a liar just in plain text. No respect for the President elected and the readers of CNN.

The article form Mr. Cillizza refers to a Washington Post fact checking, like if the Washington Post had any history of being neutral and not bias like the popular BIAS_CNN. We all know that the WP is long time a president opposition and anything they fact check off course should not be taken in to consideration.

CNN and other news channels continue to use techniques like taking phrases out of contexts, reorganizing speeches, “translating” to different languages etc… with the whole propose of constructing fake news an denigrate the US president and the United states.

The true us that what CNN is doing is playing with History by changing words , it is creating movements, all well intentioned but misinformed and misled by the leftist apparatus dominating one of the most powerful media outlets in the world. And I hope they are aware of the possible consequences in the long term as the devised narrative is creating the base for possible chaos.

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