CNN frame Trump as a Russian Spy

CNN comes out again with a complete bias and ridiculous article. This time , insinuating the US president is in fact a Puttin spy. The CNN and the democratic party don’t know what else to do to impeach and/or demoralize the president of the USA in front of the whole world.

News agencies like FOX , CNN, etc… are supposed to be impartial and inform, blogs like this one can be bias as for example this blog express the opinion of the posters and writers, we do not intend to be a news outlet or a fact checker official. However, we need to denounce the News Channels that claim to be neutral and impartial when in reality have a political Agenda.

The latest article states ” The dark cloud of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election has followed Trump since almost his first day in office.” lets start but calling the “Dark Cloud “for what it is , the hate of the democratic party that is the actual cloud following the President since the day it was elected. The report cites parts of a Washington Post article implying the President elect is making efforts to hide the conversation he had with the Russian president, well, it is very easy to understand that some conversations between presidents some times maybe confidential, if they weren’t they are called press conferences.

Private meetings between presidents are normal and they have been for many years and many US presidency. CNN and the left media will not stop the attacks and and members will keep expressing its opinions.

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