CNN Continues to recognize Maduro as president of the narco-state

Nicolas Maduro with Raul Castro and Diaz Canel

Nicolas Maduro with Raul Castro and Diaz Canel

#CNN confirming that it is a narco-state supporter and a #communist bias news agency. It is supporting @NicolasMaduro and the current communist coupe. And ignoring #VenezuelaLibre campaign completely

CNN go way far this time with the game of words, This time leftist Nicole Chavez wrote the following in an article:

“President Nicolas Maduro has decided to close Venezuela’s embassy and all its consulates in the United States after the Trump administration recognized the opposition leader as president. “

Ok, the president of the united states just recognized that Nicolas Maduro is not the President of Venezuela and you just called him the president of Venezuela base on what. Yes, we know base on what, base on communist idea that CNN continues to spread to protect the narco state and all the communists allied.

The whole world knows that the Narco-state follow direct orders from the Cuban Government and controls 90% of the drug traffic in the world and also the Oil black market making millions for the organized crime in the name of communism. Off course there is no Muller investigation for this neither CNN special reports as they are very afraid of real news.

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