CNN manipulation of the State Of the Union Speech

#CNN today as everyday decided to blast on @realDonaldTrump and his speech at the #stateOfTheUnion .

They have called the Speech #divisive , jabs to #Democrats ,
 heart-warming tales and many other manipulative word sentences. The big panel at CNN tonight have not much bad to say about what he actually said, then they decided to talk about what he did not said. This people are trained diversionists of the truth, they do not have only an agenda, they have a mission that it is very soon about to fail. The president called out the Socialists within the democratic party, presented all the truths in regards to the accomplishments of his administrations.

NO Fact Checking form CNN this time, at least not intermediately, im sure they have 200 people now fact-checking trying to find the minimum mistake. Off course if they do not they will off course continua to attack him for what he did not talk about.

Bias CNN and the socialist-democrats , tonight are convinced that they need to impeach the MF. As his re-election is guarantee.

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