Democrats waste no time rejecting Trump’s offer

Two democrats reject Trmp deal

Two democrats reject Trmp deal

#democrats reject #trump offers no, @SpeakerPelosi and @realDonaldTrump as they only care about their political agendas.

However #CNN and the #fakenews cant be as clear because they have to continue their manipulative wording to present the #paidnews as #realnews . CNN insist that most of the blame for the shutdown is on Trump of course by the always wrong communist polls and bias CNN polls, the problem is that the cheap politicians actually believe these polls and off course as always end up plying the wrong cards.

CNN in the article call the Trumps words ” Proud of the shutdown” of course as another technique using half phrases to frame some one. Using statements as ” He also appeared to offer concessions” another game of words, he is actually offering concessions.

CNN also stated that ” The President notably did not mention the plight of federal workers going without paychecks” this is another attempt to deviate from the actual news that is that in fact the president is the only one who cares as he is the only one offering solutions and attempting to make a deal.

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