#fakeNews #CNN Poll: Blames Trump for #govermentshutdown

CNN Polls have never been on point, no Surprise here.

Like when they were reporting on the elections, all manipulated and all wrong (Opinion). Once Trump won the Presidency they were surprised and they will be again as their polls are completely BIAS and non-serious (Opinion).

This time @jennagiesta reports shows that most of the Americans blame trump for the shutdown and not the Democrats in Congress . The reporter also states in her article that Trump Approval rating is going down , the same way they were reporting they Hillary Clinton was wining all the debates. If the democrats were so sure that the approval rating was going down, why bother with the an Impeachment ?? . they bother because they know if he goes to the elections , he will win 2020 time and by far. USA is not a communist country and the democrats keep becoming more and more the RED party .

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