Miami Airport TSA terminal being closed due to Government Shutdown ?? not true.

CNN reported these news on 01/10/2019 :

The report try to blame #TSA shutting down a terminal 3 hours earlier because of the GS, if you are from Miami or fly often from/to Miami Airport you know that TSA shusts down terminals all the time for any reason.

This is the statement from TSA :
“Due to an increased number of TSA screeners not reporting to work, we have decided to take this precautionary step and relocate about 12 flights to adjoining concourses in the afternoons,” 

For starters they had not missed any check until today, if they were to miss a check it will be tomorrow. On the other hand #TSA should pay more to their employees, they do not go to work because of lack of responsibility with the job due to the fact that they are not happy with what they make. that is the reality.

Bias CNN trying to make the GS worst that what is actually is.

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