Mueller indicts Roger Stone

#MullerInvestigation using desperate measures and #CNN off course ready to support false claims and spread the #fakenews and expose #WikiLeaks as if they were responsible for @HillaryClinton loosing the election.

How can a group of called journalist get together and claim to defend freedom of speech and use a news network like CNN to make statements like “releases of damaging material” these damaging are called real news , facts that came from real e-mail servers and not fake-news. the WikiLeaks are not the ones spreading the fake news , the Clinton campaign was damaged by actual facts of corruption and not because the information got out.

This is a very dangerous territory as now that Russian collusion is out of the picture for Muller, now he is bringing in WikiLeaks and the emails story, Muller may end up having to finally put Hillaty in jail if he and the FBI were to act respectfull to the country they serve.

Exposing the true should not be a crime , CNN should be defending FREEDOM of SPEECH .

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