The New York freshman Democrat, who has rapidly become one of the biggest stars in her party as per CNN

Bias CNN new hero is now officially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC .The leftist socialist network off course cant hide the sympathy for socialists even in the case of AOC witch is even too socialist for many in the democratic. Another #greennewdeal backed with a lot of green.

The Bias Network and @CillizzaCNN used statements like
“AOC is a rising national power” really ???. CNN is in the process of creating leaders out of ignorant naïve socialists. CNN may even try to make AOC a presidential candidate. If they succeed it will be the end of the democratic party. CNN issue here is that their social writers leave in a bubble and they don’t get that in the USA they do not work. They try to play minorities and the “Poor” without understanding that in the USA poor is basically middle-high class in the rest of the world. CNN writers believe that they are an Intellectual ELLITE above everything. This is why we have Donald Trump as president and we will have him for 4 more years as this massive out of touch news network do not get that they are actually campaigning for him.

It is not secret for the American public that the so called “GREEN NEW DEAL” is backed by a lot of green. Lets recall the Obama 1.2 billion loan to Solyndra Solar.

Solyndra was a startup solar-power equipment manufacturer based in Fremont, California that went bankrupt just after receiving the Obama loan as part of another “Green Program” no investigation in regards to that as off course “Clean Energy” is a very Nobel cause as everything socialist do right ?

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