The numbers show Trump lost the shutdown to Pelosi

Fake Poll on CNN

Fake Poll on CNN

#CNN now, insist to give a Victory to the democratic party on the government shutdown situation. CNN keep lying to them-selfs and to their readers, this time using fake and manipulated data from @ABC ‏ and @washingtonpost ‏ their #fakepolls this time are showing that the approval rating to the president @RealDonaldTrump dropped.

It is incredible how the writer of the article @ForecasterEnten take the liberty to write statements like ” Make no mistake: Trump lost the shutdown fight” , this is CNN taking sides and emitting opinions instead of real news.

Another funny statement: :
“Americans clearly blamed Trump and the Republicans for the shutdown. “

The reality is that Trump still have close to 50% job approval and it has been proven that the polls are manipulated to favor the democrats, proof of that were the pols for the last presidential election. Ts polls work the same way as Wall Street Stock analyst when they give an stock rating , they only analyse on their favor, wall street have learned the hard way and now most of the stock traders do BUY when the Analysts say SELL.

So don’t be fooled by biasCNN and the democratic MOB. They are in desperate mode.

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