This is a Google blocked Blog

This blog have some article that call out #CNN and its leftist bias news. Only one article calling out #liberals @Google ‏ and #GoogleAds as they decided to block this site as many others that do not support social or liberal ideas. Google has been doing this for a while silently. Off course, for them is very easy when it comes to keep certain blogs , ideas and opinions silently as that basically dominate the internet and very soon all types of communications you may use , Think about it, they do not only own the search engine you use , they also own the phone you hold, they own fiber , yes the fiber optics that get to your home they owned to, they want to buy now Zayo, and keep acquiring and building telecommunications infrastructure around the world. And all this by keeping it quiet. Again, keeping it quite is one of their main “virtues” . Governments around the world don’t seem to care to this manipulation of information, or there are not laws to stop them as they have the right to index a site or not it is their search engine. They buy anything they want and the FCC seems to be on their side or in their pockets as monopoly rules do not apply to them and they keep ongoing disrespecting the Internet Ecosystem and must of the players, they select what content succeed and witch content do not succeed is that simple.

Not much you can do by yourselves in regards to that, the only thing is to keep writing and twitting and try using less liberal platforms like Facebook to expose them, off-course if you have the time 🙂

This are the statistics of this website in regards to traffic from Google 🙂

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